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Iacobucci Inquiry Report (2008).pdf
Report of the commission of inquiry into the role of Canadian agencies in the torture and maltreatment of Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Muayyed Nureddin by Middle Eastern states.

Arar Commission (Factual Report Analysis and Recommendations) (2006).pdf
Reports of the commission of inquiry into the role of Canadian officials in the US rendition and Syrian maltreatment and torture of Maher Arar. Policy report focuses on changes to RCMP national security investigations and a wholescale overhaul of…

Air India Bombing Inquiry (Reader's Guide) (2010).pdf
Commission of inquiry report on the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (1985), focusing on issues such as the intelligence-to-evidence problem and coordination and cooperation problems between the RCMP and CSIS.

First Report (McDonald Commission) (1979).pdf
Commission established in the wake of revelations of wrongdoing and "dirty tricks" by the RCMP Security Service in the aftermath of the October Crisis, 1970. Culminated in recommendations that led to the creation of the Canadian Security…

Privy Council Wiretap Order (1951).pdf
This order was issued in 1951 and provides a sense of wiretap orders from the early Cold War period. It was obtained by Professor Dennis Molinaro, and is discussed by Professor Molinaro here and in CBC reports here.

CSIS One Vision 2.0 Powerpoint Deck.pdf
This document (a powerpoint deck) describes the post-Bill C-51 RCMP and CSIS deconfliction protocols and operational approach to intelligence to evidence.

Ministerial Direction to RCMP on RCMP Agreements (2002).pdf
This directive deals with agreements entered into by the RCMP to provide services, information, assets, or assistance to, or receive same from, departments, agencies and institutions, provincial, federal or foreign.

Ministerial Direction to RCMP on Law Enforcement Agreements (1980s).pdf
This document provides ministerial guidance to the RCMP on establishing agreements or arrangements with other Canadian or foreign police forces. It is believed to date from the 1980s which suggests it has likely been superseded (probably by the 2002…

Ministerial Direction to RCMP on Foreign Cooperation (1980s).pdf
This instruments deal with police assistance to foreign nations in the form of policy training, consultative and investigative assistance.

Memo to CSIS Director on 2011 MD implementation (2014).pdf
This document includes data on actual use and implementation of the 2011 ministerial directive on international information sharing in circumstances where there is risk of torture
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