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CSE-CSIS MOU on TRA (June 2016).pdf
MOU establishing circumstances by which CSIS will notify CSE of its threat reduction (disruption) activities, consult with CSE and request CSE assistance.

CSIS One Vision 2.0 Powerpoint Deck.pdf
This document (a powerpoint deck) describes the post-Bill C-51 RCMP and CSIS deconfliction protocols and operational approach to intelligence to evidence.

One Vision 1.0 explanatory document.pdf
This document describes the original RCMP and CSIS deconfliction protocols and operational approach to intelligence to evidence. It is superseded by 2015's One Vision 2.0, also in this database.

CSIS Environment Canada MOU.pdf
This MOU governs the sharing of relevant information and personal information between CSIS and Environment Canada and operational support in relation to each agency's duties and functions.

Released under 2015 access request seeking all current…

CSIS Public Safety RCMP CBSA Transport Canada MOU (2013).pdf
This MOU establishes the terms and conditions for mutual cooperation and information-sharing between Public Safety, Transport Canada, CBSA, CSIS and RCMP with respect to the implementation of the Passenger Protect program (the no-fly list). …

CSIS Justice MOU.pdf
This MOU establishes the governance, price and performance regimes guiding the relationship between CSIS and Justice in respect to demand for and provision of legal services.

Released under a 2015 access request asking for all current CSIS MOUs.

Transport Canada RCMP CSIS CBSA CATSA MOU (2015).pdf
The MOU governs agency support to airport operators in carrying out airport security program obligations though Multi-Agency Advisory Committees.

Released pursuant to a 2015 access request seeking all current CSIS MOUs.

CSIS Passport Canada (2010).pdf
This MOu provides a framework to govern information sharing between CSIS and Passport Canada, including personal information, and more generally a framework governing cooperation between the agencies.

Released pursuant to a 2015 access request…

CSIS OSFI MOU (2010).pdf
The purpose of the MOU is to acknowledge the respective mandates of CSIS and OSFI and to set out the terms of conditions for ongoing cooperation, and the exchange of information between the parties are they relate to the exchange of information…

CSIS External Affairs MOU Personal Info (1986).pdf
This MOU identifies the conditions under which External Affairs (now Global Affairs Canada) may release personal information to CSIS under s.8(2)(e) of the Privacy Act and sets out the procedure which shall apply. Released in 2015 pursuant to an…
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