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Sims(FINAL eng).pdf
Report commissioned by Justice Canada to advice Crown counsel representing CSIS in Federal Court warrant proceedings, and make recommendations on implementing the Segal Report.

(c) CSIS SIRC.pdf
Document Synopsis: “The Service initially declined to provide a copy of the 2014 Memorandum regarding a SIRC study that examined CSIS’s use of firearms in dangerous operating environments (DOEs). Following several bilateral discussions, the Service…

(b) C-51 Directive to PPSC.pdf
Document Purpose: A letter from the former Minister of Public Safety (Blaney) to the RCMP Commissioner. Attached is a directive to the Director of the PPSC (from the then-AG, MacKay) to ensure that the PPSC works effectively with investigative…

British US Communications Agreement (1946).pdf
The origianal 1946 UK/USA agreement on signals intelligence that constituted the basis for the "Five Eyes".

Document Synopsis: CSIS tells foreign agency that if they deem some form of legal action is warranted against a Canadian citizen present in their country, CSIS trusts that the individual will be treated fairly in accordance with international…

(m) November 2008 Directive.pdf
Document Purpose: Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) Directive on Information Sharing with Agencies with Poor Human Rights Records. This directive sets out the principles that guide CSIS’s actions in the sharing, seeking, and use of information from…

DDO Directive on information sharing with agencies with poor human rights records (2008).pdf
The Directive specifies that international exchange of information and intelligence is vital to safeguarding Canada's national security and public safety. In that context, however, the Service may be required to deal with foreign governments and…

(d) CSIS Foreign Arrangement Policies and Procedures.pdf
Document Purpose: supplements OPS-402 Section 17 Arrangements with Foreign Govts and Institutions

(h) Foreign Intelligence Processing.pdf
Document Purpose: Provides questions to consider for use of information that could be derived through mistreatment or torture (how to ensure this is not the case) such as: Has the country signed and ratified the Convention against Torture and Other…
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