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CSIS Canada Post MOU (1986).pdf
MOU between CSIS and Canada Post identifying the conditions under which Canada Post may release information to CSIS. Obtained as part of a 2015 access request asking for current MOUs.

(a) MOU bw CSIS and CBSA.pdf
Document Purpose: Both CSIS and CBSA report to the Minister of Public Safety and fall under the portfolio of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (Public Safety). This ‘Framework MOU’ between CSIS and the CBSA sets the terms and…

Document Purpose: Protocol between DFATD (GAC) and CSIS concerning cooperation re: consular cases involving Canadians detained abroad as part of a national security or terrorism-related case, with an objective to provide greater coordination and…

CSIS Environment Canada MOU.pdf
This MOU governs the sharing of relevant information and personal information between CSIS and Environment Canada and operational support in relation to each agency's duties and functions.

Released under 2015 access request seeking all current…

CSIS External Affairs (now Global Affairs) MOU re SLO and Heads of Mission (1987).pdf
This MOU establishes the basis for a "productive working relationship" between CSIS Security Liaison Officers and Canada's diplomatic heads of mission. It dates to 1987, but was acquired under a 2015 access to information request asking for all…

CSIS Revenue Canada MOU (1986).pdf
MOU that sets out conditions under which Revenue Canada would release information to CSIS. Released in 2015 as part of an access request seeking all current CSIS MOUs.

CSIS Public Works MOU (2011).pdf
Establishes a formal mechanism for the provision by CS1S to Public Works of infornation collected under Section 12 of the CSIS Act to help the Public Works determine if a person applying for registration in the Controlled Goods Program poses a risk…

CSIS CSC MOU (2008).pdf
This MOU governs ongoing cooperation between CSE and CSIS on the transfer and sharing of information and the provision of operational support.

CSIS CIC MOU (2002).pdf
MOU between CSIS and CIC governing information-sharing between the agencies. Obtained as part of a 2015 access request on all current CSIS MOUs.

CSIS Justice MOU.pdf
This MOU establishes the governance, price and performance regimes guiding the relationship between CSIS and Justice in respect to demand for and provision of legal services.

Released under a 2015 access request asking for all current CSIS MOUs.
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