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CSIS Threat Reduction Operational Policies.pdf
CSIS internal policy for approving threat reduction activities (pursuant to new powers given to CSIS in 2015 by Bill C-51)

Duty of Candour EN- final.pdf
Policy issued by Justice Canada and CSIS on warrant applications to the Federal Court and the duty of candour, possibly to respond to the Segal Report.

Sims(FINAL eng).pdf
Report commissioned by Justice Canada to advice Crown counsel representing CSIS in Federal Court warrant proceedings, and make recommendations on implementing the Segal Report.

Report commissioned by Justice Canada on "best practice" in ex parte warrant procedures and advice on reforming CSIS/Justice Canada warrant procedures before the Federal Court.

CSIS Intelligence to Evidence explanatory documents.pdf
CSIS internal memo and powerpoint deck describing its view of the legal issues surrounding the process of using intelligence for evidential purposes in court proceedings.

CSIS Operational policy re 2011 MD on information sharing.pdf
This document describes the structure of the internal CSIS committee charged with making decisions on whether to share information with foreign entities where there is a risk of torture or maltreatment. Also included is a 2011 letter from the…

(j) Policy on Implementing CBSA MD.pdf
CBSA policy to implement the 2011 Ministerial direction on international information sharing in circumstances where there is a risk of torture or maltreatment.

(h) OPS707 Human Source Compensation.pdf
This policy outlines the principles and standards that govern CSIS human source compensation

(g) OPS100 Targeting, Section 12.pdf
To state the principles and directives governing the approval process for an initial request, renewal, upgrade, downgrade or a termination of a targeting level pursuant to the CSIS Act. Targets can be persons, groups or organizations, and issues or…

(f) OPS805-3 Foreign Agency Visits.pdf
CSIS procedures re: foreign agency visits.
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